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Travel Another Road

ID: 169032
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Language of advertisement : English
Areas of activity: Administration, management
Work experience : 1 y.
Text: Viaduct and turnpike is how I would describe jobs throughout my life. None of them ever put me in the lane I was searching for or the monetary motivation I would strive to be a part of.

Following the con that if I worked long and hard enough, I would secure my financial future. It was the 'sure' route. The road most people drove down.

When I found this online opportunity in Personal Development; I realized playing it safe wasn't going to get me to that destination. I learned the different distinctions between 'playing it safe" and "calculated risks".

Now, my life is the way I paved for me--the road less traveled.

I work abroad anywhere with WIFI, calling on the shots on my expressway of adventure, fun and ease.

Is it time to pave your way: visit
Price £:
Suzette Lundberg
Liverpool (Merseyside)
Travel Another Road

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