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Wood pellet A1 Royal, Din plus one

ID: 148714
Viewed: 90
Language of advertisement : English
Action: For sale
Text: Wood Pellet Offer - 100% oak,pine din plus one
Our Pellets are produced in compliance with the Wood Pellets quality EU standards.
Country of origin of pellets is Hungary
Shipping to croatia by day maximum 1 day
Below is our specification:

Excellent: Price
Type of wood: 100% oak
Norm: A1
Density ≥ 0,65kg/dm³
Diameter: 6 ± 1mm
Ash content: ≤ 0,7%
Caloric value: >17,5 MJ/kg
Price £: 100
Carig Taylor
NW11 9HD map
Chelmsford, Essex
Northern part
Wood pellet A1 Royal, Din plus one

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