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How to Resolve Outlook Rule Not Working Issue?

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Text: Outlook is a well-known email client with a myriad of advanced features. It comes with an Outlook rules feature that makes email management easier for you by letting you sort and filter emails. However, you may encounter the Outlook rule not working issues due to a number of reasons. But you can resolve the issue with the following methods. First, make sure you have enabled the Outlook rules. Your Outlook rules may not work if the send/receive settings (SRS) file is damaged in Outlook. So, reset the SRS file and check if the issue is resolved. Moreover, the size available for Outlook rules is limited, so reduce the amount of space used by rules. If the Outlook rules are lengthy, edit and cut it shorter. Also, delete the old rules that you do not need. Also, Outlook rules are divided into client-based and server-based. You should know that the client-based rules work only when Outlook email is active. However, there is a possibility that your client's based rule is not working because Outlook is not running. In that case, convert rules into server-based rules to make it work even when Outlook is not running. If nothing works, delete and recreate the Outlook rules.
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